Entrepreneur/ Career Burnout

Living in the DMV Metro Area (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) brings a lot of opportunity. Due to the overwhelming opportunity you may have started to recognize that your to-do list never gets completed. Between the commute and work, the pace at which you may be moving is increasing and you are having trouble managing the little time you have left.

Working as an entrepreneur can sometimes land you in situations where others benefit from a lack of communicated limits/boundaries. You are one or a combination of being: burnt-out, spread too thin, surrounded by toxic people; and the drive to be productive is absent. Additionally, you are likely exhibiting challenges with balancing family, social life, health, and friends – while also neglecting your own self-care and business.

Here is the thing, even when you meet (or exceed) your goals, there will always be new ones to creep up. Then, you are back on the grind to accomplish more. Even though you are not chasing money – you are chasing freedom. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, the freedom you seek always seems to be just out of reach.

The stress of a career and toxic workplace lead to absences from family and friends. It is like trying to juggle 20 balls in the air with one hand all at the same time. If one of them falls, they all fall.

Did you know you are not alone when it comes to these experiences? According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 40 million adults (or 18% of Americans) experience anxiety symptoms. The good news? There is help. Anxiety is not your fault; nor has it been caused by anything you have or haven’t done. Together, with effective treatment, we will use strategies to talk back to anxiety so that you can Achieve It and enjoy your life – even through stressful times.