Fatherhood/ Men’s Issues

As a father myself this role can be a great joy for some, but for others fatherhood can be overwhelming, challenging, and nonexistent. Regardless as to whether you are a first-time father or an experienced father there are often challenges and pressures that cannot be prevented or avoided. Did you know, 1 out of 4 children will grow up without a father in the home? Remember as you embark on this journey of fatherhood, challenges that include relationship issues, isolation, difficulty with communication, and engagement obstacles with your child may occur. We are here to help an assist you.

Let’s be honest, as men we all have some personal limitations when it comes to what the culture says about mental health. Our rigid beliefs about being a man and the difficulty to trust or open up to strangers hinders our growth. Believe it or not as a father you have an important role, don’t let you Father’s Day gift of socks fool you. Research suggest that when a healthy father is engaged and actively present, his presence radically improves the child’s confidence and social development skills. Fathers greatly influence their child’s development.

Through therapy, you can have an impactful and healthy relationship with your child(ren). We help father’s learn how to position themselves and communicate their emotions. You can overcome the negative statement “I don’t know how to be a good father, because mine wasn’t there.” “Let’s rewrite the old narrative.” Fathers who feel this way, can develop the skills to identify what is holding them back. Being phenomenal and having wellness is key to a successful legacy. Assisting boys, teens, and men is critically important. There is a gap when it comes to serving this population on the health field. Alpha-males, athletes and even emotionally shutdown men need support, resources, and accountability.