When I first began the process as a Licensed Graduate, there was no clear path. Actually, I lucked up in finding a supervisor who was great. I learned a lot through this process. One thing that was very helpful was finding out who I wanted to be as a professional and my supervisor was instrumental in my development. Before I found the ideal supervisor, I had to navigate through different supervisors who were affordable, relatable, and knowledgeable not only on theories but also the business side of owning a practice. Completing the 2 years as a supervisee, I understood the impact it can have. I want to pay it forward and contribute to the field on a local level.

My supervisees would describe me as focused and encouraging. I promote hard work and great self-care when it comes to the work we do as Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC). These same supervisees would also tell you that I challenged them by setting clear expectations, respecting their work as clinicians, and future colleagues. I believe in doing things right, giving 100% consistent effort, and not allowing supervision to be treated like an annoying task. If you are looking for growth, challenge, and clarity toward your clinical goals, this is the right place for you. Please follow up for a 20-minute consultation call.