Lawrence Jones

Thanks for landing on my page. This is usually where I tell you about my highlights, education, experience, and any other information that most therapist think is relevant to you. First, I want to explain to you the kind of individuals I tend to have the most success serving. With that information up front you can quickly conclude whether or not I might be a good fit for you. Based on past experience, the individuals who are ready to achieve small wins are the most fruitful in therapy with me. Each person has been able to reach their goals in a different way, based on their diverse experience in life.

Individuals appreciate:

  • My direct approach.
  • Hospitality.
  • Respect regardless of past history.
  • Emotional energy to handle difficult concerns.
  • Balanced judgment and unbiased in my approach.

You are the expert about you, and it is important that you are the one creating personal solutions, and not me. I understand that life happens to all of us, but I believe that you were born to achieve it.

What you want to know:

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LC6555)
  • Maryland Approved Supervisor (1867)
  • Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, Capital Bible Seminary 2011
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Delaware 2005

Feel free to view my Online Patient Calendar to see available appointments and complete my electronic New Patient Forms.

Anthony Pinkney

Most people want to know how long I have been in the field, “17 yrs.”. But the reality is, it’s not about my highlights, education, or experience. First, it’s about you as an individual and helping you reach your goal to maximize your mental wellness. For us to be successful, I need you to care more about you and not me. The reality is, the individuals who are ready to achieve small wins are the most fruitful in therapy.

I’m direct in my therapy approach, but I believe in laughter as an encouragement to the soul. As a native of the DMV area, I know first-hand on how to handle life challenges in this area.

At the core of Achieve It Counseling & Consulting, LLC we are determined and focused to provide you with our very best. We want you to succeed, it is our aim to work with you in achieving your personal goals. With 24/7 online scheduling and the ability to see local clients through phone & video, going to therapy is easier than ever before contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation 15-minute telehealth consultation. You were born to Achieve It, www.achieveitcounseling.com