Fehema Stokes, LGPC

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As individuals, we all are on unique journeys, and the imprints of our experiences paint the canvas of our identities. Regardless of the chapters we've lived, there is a need for a confidant, an impartial listener, and a nonjudgmental presence. Counseling can be that guide to help you navigate the best path forward. I believe that, as an individual, you can cultivate healing and resilience through this process. If you find it challenging to maintain confidence, measure up to others' expectations, keep up with grades, or address the multitude of responsibilities imposed on you, counseling can provide support. I firmly believe that you as an individual, are the expert on you, your personal issues, staying focused, or managing changes in mood due to stressful relationships. In my commitment to you, I am ready. By reviewing this page, you'll gain insight into who I work best with. I also trust that when you enter this space, you are prepared to engage in the work. 

Creating a safe space for individuals to openly explore their challenges is my goal. Let's build trust, seek understanding, and continue creating the best version of yourself. You can achieve it.